About this site

Hi everyone, my name is Robin and I started this website. OnDogBreeds.com is about dogs, dog breeds, dog stories and everything dog related. But it was dog breeds that got the whole site going.

A while back I was doing some research on dog breeds and I got the desire to have my own website, about dogs and dog breeds. For the moment I am working on this alone, but I have people interested in contributing. If you love dogs and want to write a post or two, feel free to contact me.

This website was started in august 2014, rather new, and content quite sparse. Patience, content will come, just a lot of other things to take into consideration and also a lot of stuff is happening under the hood.

My goal is to at some point, cover every dog breed there is. I also have some other plans, but don’t want to reveal them just yet.



Founder of OnDogBreeds.com