Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound

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The aristocratic looking Afghan Hound is elegance by definition. This is a unique and ancient breed with an appearance unlike any other dog. It has a silky and glamorous coat, exotic and unusual face and a slim body. You might say the breed resembles a fashion model.

It is one of the oldest dog breeds there is, originally from Afghanistan, hence the name. Original the name of the breed was Tazi.

And although the Afghan Hound is glamorous and elegant, it has the heart of a true hunter. The breed was bred for hunting and it still has a strong instinct to run and chase any prey.

Afghan Hound history

The Afghan Hound has its origin from the Middle East and developed from breeds with roots all the way back to the ancient Egyptians. Most of these dogs was used by nomads of the area for hunting hares, gazelles and other small animals.

For centuries the breed, known as the Tazi, the breed remained isolated in the Afghan mountains. However, the breed was discovered in the 1920s and brought to England.

Afghan Hound description

The Afghan Hound is a tall and slender dog, with an independent, snobby and complex nature. They are prone to being submissive and are generally not considered an intelligent breed. But they are beautiful, much like the bimbos of the dog world. Or, as some say, too intelligent to listen to just about anything from humans.

Two variants

There are two types, or variants, of the Afghan Hound, the south and western ones and the northern variant. The variant from the south and west tend to be a light in color and sparse in coat, while the variant from the north has a compact build and a heavier coat.

Afghan Hound temperament

The Afghan Hound is an independent dog, they are free minded and to what they want to do. They can be a loving and loyal companion within their family, but they really should be part of an active family.

Afghan Hound Height and Weight

The Afghan Hound is a tall dog, the males are between 61 and 74 cm (27-29 inches), the females a bit smaller. And they weigh about 20-27 kilos (45-60 lb).

The unique coat

The coat of the Afghan may be of any color, all colors are allowed by the breed standards. The breed has a spectacular coat, resembling human hair in many ways. Fine texture, long, shiny and thick and it does require a lot of attention and grooming because it has a tendency to tangle easily.

Afghan Hound health

The Afghan Hound is generally a very healthy breed, but sensitive to anesthesia as they don’t have much body fat. They are however, among the breeds most likely to develop chylothorax.

Difficult training

The Afghan Hound can be challenging to train due to their independent and complex nature. It is a sensitive breed and should be handled with care , they do not respond well to rough handling. Training can take a long time and a lot of patience. Even house training can be hard, and the puppies can have accidents up to about six months of age.

A lot of Exercise

While the Afghan Hound might look like a fashion model, it is a fairly active dog and needs a lot of exercise. Inside the house they are quite laid back and calm, but they love to run and being active, if they don’t get enough exercise, they are known for being destructive. They should be given daily exercise, leash walks, runs, preferable a free-run in a fenced area.

Name Afghan Hound
Other Names Tazi, Tazhi Spay, Ogar Afgan, Eastern Greyhound, Persian Greyhound
Origin Afghanistan
Known Since Ancient times, 1920s
Height 61-74 cm (24-29 inches)
Weight 20-27 kilos (45-60 lb)
Colors Fawn, Gold, Brindle, White, red, Cream, Blue, Gray, Tricolor

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