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American Foxhound

American Foxhound

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The American Foxhound is a breed, native to the United States. The American Foxhound is bred as a pack dog, but function well in an active family. They do require a bit of exercise. Sweet and loving, function well with kids and other pets.

American Foxhound history

This, one of the most American of breeds, dates back to 1650 when Robert Brooke sailed from England to North America. He brought with him his pack of hunting dogs.

George Washington received French Foxhounds as a gift from his friend, the Marquis de Lafayette. Many of the dogs Washington kept were descended from Brooke’s original pack, when crossed with his new french dogs, it helped create the modern day American Foxhound.

The breed is known to originate from Maryland and Virginia and is also the official state dog of Virginia. It was bred for fox hunting as a pack, Irish Wolfhound were added to its lines to increase speed and stamina.

The sport of fox hunting was a popular one, especially among the upper classes. Even George Washington found it a favorite pastime.

American Foxhound size

The American Foxhound is similar to the English Foxhound. However, it is bred to be lighter, taller and faster. Females has a shoulder height of 53-61 cm (20-24 inches) and males 56-64 cm (22-25 inches). They weigh about 20-29 kilos (44-63 lbs) for females and 29-34 kilos (63-74 lbs) for males. Some can be larger, but that is mostly show dogs.

American Foxhound puppies

Building a bond with your puppy is the first, and definitely most crucial step you have to take if you want to succeed in training him.

American Foxhound temperament and personality

The breed is both friendly and sweet. It is gentle, easy going and will get along with both children and other pets easily. It is intelligent, kind, loyal and loving. They may, however, act shy towards strangers. Dogs raised in the company of other dogs can be a bit more challenging, because they have bonded with the pack, rather than humans.

American Foxhound: children and other pets

American Foxhounds are considered to function very well with children. It is mild tempered and easy going.

American Foxhound training

Although sweet and loving, they are intelligent but independent, they can be stubborn and training can be a bit of a challenge.

American Foxhound coat, color and grooming

The coat is smooth, short-haired and very easy to groom. Any color is acceptable, but black, white and tan is prevalent, often tri-colored.

American Foxhound health

The breed is considered to be a very healthy one, it is not generally known to carry any genetic disorder. However, they can become overweight quite easily if not being properly fed and exercised.

Name American Foxhound
Other Names Foxhound
Origin United States
Known Since 1800s
Height Females 53-61 cm (20-24 inches), Males 56-64 cm (22-25 inches)
Weight Females 20-29 kilos (44-63 lb), males 29-34 kilos (63-74 lbs)
Temperament Intelligent, kind, independent, loyal, good tempered, loving
Life Span 10-13 years

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