American Mastiff

An American Mastiff is large, powerful and has a rectangular shaped wide head. The ears are round and high and the muzzle medium sized on its masked face. Slightly arched and powerful neck it has a well rounded , deep and broad chest. A powerful, muscular, and straight back and well defined legs with parallel wide hind legs and strong front legs it is a magnificent breed.

American Mastiff Characteristics

An American Mastiff is not a dog who likes its own company and breeders insist they go to good families, as they need human companionship and constant attention and contact. They are not the type of animal to be left chained in a back yard to guard and if your house or apartment is too small to house such a large animal then American Mastiff is not the right dog.

American Mastiff Coat

American Mastiff puppies are usually dark when first born and lighten, as they grow older. Around age one the puppy should be the color it would always be whether it is brindle, apricot, or fawn. Acceptable white markings on nose, chin, chest, and feet. The coat is shorthaired, smooth and easy to groom

American Mastiff Height and Weight

Height average around 65-91 cm (28 – 36 inches) while the weights for females are from 64-81 kilos (140 – 180 pounds) and male dogs vary between 73-91 kilos (160 – 200 pounds).

American Mastiff Temperament

An American Mastiff is the ideal family dog with devotion to its family and great with children. This non-aggressive animal turns into a courageous defender when the children or family is threatened. They are loving with their own family, understanding, and patient, kind and gentle. In order for the owner to control this large animal, it is imperative to take the lead in objective training, as they need to accept set rules and objectives.

Living Conditions

An American Mastiff will be equally happy in an apartment that in a big yard and even a small yard. Indoors they tend to be lazy and relatively inactive and daily exercise like a walk is recommended.


Twice a week is sufficient to groom the animal with a bath once a month or when noticing a “doggy” smell.


Bred by Fredericka Wagner by crossing an Anatolian Mastiff with an English Mastiff

Compatibility with Pets

If raised together with other dogs, generally good.

Known Since

The American Mastiff was recognized as purebred animal only in 2000, although this breed was developed around 20 years ago.

Is it a good watchdog?

Yes – they do not bark senselessly, but have great instincts whether a stranger is friend or foe, but do not mistake them for guard dogs as they have a sensitive nature.

Are they good with children?

Yes – Excellent companion to all children of all ages being understanding, forgiving and patient.

Are they easy to train?

Yes – Although they are original pack dogs with a clear leader, it is imperative that the owner trains the animal in order to be obedient. They house-train very well and prefer to live indoors as part of the family.

Can they be used as therapy and service dogs?

Yes – An American Mastiff with its great temperament can be trained as one of the best therapy or service dog.

Photo: “American Mastiff” by Steven Depolo – originally posted to Flickr as American Bandog Mastiff 7-12-09 — IMG_9728. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.