Miniature Bull Terrier

The Miniature Bull Terrier is basically an exact version of the standard Bull Terrier, though a bit smaller. The breed has origins in the extinct English White Terrier, the Bulldog and the Dalmatian. Despite its small size, the dog is athletic and energetic. To learn more about this breed, please read further.


In the early 1800’s when fighting between bulls and Bulldogs became popular, lovers of this “sport” decided to create a dog breed that can attack the bulls more agilely. So they crossed bulldogs with terriers to create the Bull Terriers. They soon discovered that the Bull Terrier breeds were not able to perform according to their expectation and so the miniature bull terrier breed was born.

Physical characteristics

The Miniature has a strongly built, well-rounded and muscular body with a short back. They have a long, muscular neck and robust shoulders. They have a long and oval-shaped head and a black nose. Their eyes are deep-set while their ears are small and close together.

Coat and Color

They have a dense, short and flat coat which is harsh to the touch. Their coat colors can be black, white, brindle, black-brindle, fawn, and red with white markings.

Weight/ height

The Miniature Bull Terrier breed stands at 25-35 cm (10-14 inches), and they weight about 11-15 kg (24-33 lbs).

Personality and temperament

The Miniature is fearless, clownish, fun-loving and busy. This dog will always seek something interesting to do. These dogs can be protective, particularly if they suspect their family is in danger from strangers. So socialize them well and don’t encourage guarding or aggressive behavior.


Training is essential with this dog, unless you want the dog to ignore every word you say. This breed is active, smart and stubborn and so needs a firm leader.

Miniature Bull Terriers can be trained right from puppyhood, with emphasis on consistency. Even an 8-week old dog can soak up everything you teach him. Correct any aggressive behavior of the dog at an early stage to prevent potential behavioral problems as they grow up.


Grooming the Miniature breed is a very easy task. Though these dogs are naturally clean, a bath at least every three months in a shampoo is a great idea. Brush his coat with a bristle brush once a week. You can use a coat conditioner to brighten the sheen.

Trim the nails and brush his teeth frequently for a fresh breath. Check the ears every week for dirt and if they look dirty, wipe them out using a cotton ball dampened with a dog ear cleaner.


The Mini Bull Terrier breed is generally healthy, but may suffer from conditions such as deafness, kidney disease and eye problems (like entropion and lens luxation).

Keep the Mini Bull Terrier at a healthy weight by giving him healthy food.