The Pomeranian is the tiniest of the Nordic breeds and although their ancestors was used for hunting and pulling sleds, the Pomeranian of today don’t have such a purpose due to its tiny purse size. However, they still have a purpose as watchdogs, as they are both aware and alert – and tend to bark a lot.

The Pomeranian has been popular among the royals since the 18th century and is still among the 20 most popular dog breeds in USA today.

History of the Pomeranian

Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom was accompanied by a particular small Pomeranian. Thanks to the universally popularity of the Queen of the Victorian era, and the world wide expand of British cultural influence, the demand for smaller dogs grew across the globe.

The Pomeranian became the dog breed of choice for the royals and the upper classes, and thereby also for the aspirating middle classes.

Pomeranian Coat

The Pomeranian comes in almost every natural color and in a variation of these. The outer coat is long and both straight and harsh in texture. The undercoat however, is thick, short and very soft. Breeders recommend that you groom it on a daily basis and trim it once every month or two.

Pomeranian Temperament and Personality

The Pomeranian is a playful and lively dog, protective of its human family and within their territorial borders. But it can also become aggressive and dominant if nor well trained.

Pomeranian Health

The Pomeranian is a well-breed and sturdy dog. They can however develop health issues when their owners do not put the necessary effort into grooming, teeth-, eyes- and ear cleaning.